Wednesday night's world exclusive on "The Factor" has caused a big stir, as you know. And we'll continue our coverage tonight.

Rev. Jackson has apologized for saying he'd like to cut off a part of Barack Obama's anatomy because he believes Obama has talked down to some blacks. Jackson went on to say he still supports Obama, but has some differences with the senator on policy.

The Obama campaign has accepted Jackson's apology, but "Talking Points" doesn't believe the reverend and the senator will be campaigning together any time soon. We could be wrong.

The media was fairly straight in covering the story, with a few exceptions. The far-left nuts on MSNBC distorted the situation, but that's what they do every night. And it's boring. The far-left lunatic asylum at the Daily Kos called us racists. Again, boring.

Writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, columnist Mary Mitchell said that many blacks think FOX News is racist. Since Ms. Mitchell is a first-class race-baiter herself, we're not very concerned.

But Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass is another matter. The guy's pretty straight. However, he wrote: "Bill O'Reilly offered the story with glee at the top of his show." Kass is applying some ideological or sinister motive on the part of "The Factor." Of course, that's nonsense. We held back some of Jackson's comments because they weren't relevant to public policy. If we were trying to hurt the man or the Democratic Party, we surely would have used those comments.

The fact that we did hold back some of Jackson's remarks has angered some viewers, like Steven Graham, who lives in Laramie, Wyoming. He writes: "Bill, you only reported half the story. Do you think NBC or CNN would have reported half the story if Bush or Cheney had been overheard?"

Well, you're absolutely right about the president and vice president, sir. The left-wing media would have used every damaging thing they had, especially NBC News, which routinely lies about conservatives and Republicans to its everlasting disgrace.

But we are not like them. You got the entire story concerning Jackson and Obama. Nothing was held back on that. We didn't run some trash talk that had nothing to do with policy.

As most people know, "The Factor" has been tough on Jesse Jackson, holding him accountable for what he does in the public arena and even investigating his finances. But we are not out to hurt the man in personal ways.

Again, that separates us from the vicious media that we deplore. We hold nothing back about policy. We're tough, but fair to everyone. But the personal stuff we reject unless it affects your life.

That policy has served us well over the past 12 years. No spin analysis that holds the powerful accountable and protects the folks, especially the kids and the elderly. But no personal stuff unless it's absolutely necessary.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Iraq hero, Army Sergeant Michelle Saunders, got some love last night at Fenway Park in Boston. She threw out the first pitch at the Red Sox game as part of the team's Seats for Soldiers program.

San Diego Padres also have that program. We hope all Major League teams will institute it.

Now, Sergeant Saunders broke her back carrying a wounded soldier off the battlefield in Iraq. She received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, and she is obviously a patriot. Way to go, Sergeant.

On the pinhead front, we've been reporting on the terrible violation of privacy that some paparazzi are engaging in. Actor Tobey Maguire, who starred in "Spider-Man," was actually trapped by these people.

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TOBEY MAGUIRE, ACTOR: Get the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out of the way! I can't see! There are cars there, (EXPLETIVES DELETED)! Get out of the way!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're blocking the car for you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, "Spider-Man."


Those photographers are dangerous pinheads.

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