Released at the request of the United Nations

Statement by Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, Special Adviser to the Secretary

General of the United Nations:

Consultations for the formation of the Iraqi Interim Government have been going on without interruption throughout the four weeks which have elapsed since my United Nations colleagues and I returned to Baghdad. These consultations have involved the Governing Council, the Coalition Provisional Authority, and a very large number of representatives of the Iraqi public, including political parties, professional associations, trade unions, tribal and religious leaders, academics and intellectuals, women's and youth organizations, and others.

I am pleased to announce that, on Sunday, I handed over to His Excellency Prime Minister Designate Ayad Allawi my recommendations concerning the composition of his Cabinet. As for the Presidential Council, I am honored and privileged to announce that its composition is as follows: Sheikh Ghazi Al-Yawar, President Dr. Ibrahim Jaafari, Deputy President Dr. Rowsch Shaways, Deputy President

Dr. Adnan Pachachi, who enjoys wide respect and support in Iraq, was offered the Presidential position with the support of Sheikh Ghazi, but declined for personal reasons.

I have so informed their Excellencies Sheikh Al Yawer, Dr. Ayad Allawi and Ambassador Paul Bremer.

The Prime Minister will announce the composition of the Cabinet to the public later today.