Raw Data: Text of 'Saddam' Tape

Text of a tape purporting to carry to voice of ousted leader Saddam Hussein that was broadcast Monday by Al Jazeera television and translated by The Associated Press:


In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate.

(Quranic verse) "Ye believers, if a corrupt person brought you news, check it well before accusing arbitrarily. Otherwise, you will regret your accusation."

Great people: Peace be upon you.

Many of you may have heard the snakes hissing, the servants of the invaders, occupiers, infidels, and how they have managed to accuse the followers of Saddam Hussein of responsibility for the attack on (Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir) al-Hakim without any evidence.

They rushed to accuse before investigating. They did that to divert attention from the real culprits. They have the obligation now to tell the people the real truth of what happened.

Only God knows what is happening, what is hidden in their hearts. Whatever mysterious thing has happened, the true answers can only be found through an honest investigation by a national government in the future. That can only happen once the invaders and occupiers are kicked out of Iraq, which will happen soon, God willing.

Regarding this, I say: Saddam Hussein is not the leader of a minority or a group within a group. He is the leader of the great Iraqi people. He is the leader of the great Iraqi people, Arabs, Kurds, Muslims and non-Muslims.

This is not the claim of Saddam Hussein himself but was decided by the great Iraqi people in free elections witnessed by the whole world. The people chose Saddam Hussein in front of God as president of the republic and leader of the people.