Raw Data: Saddam Audiotape

On behalf of God the passionate and merciful, an address to the great and faithful Iraqi population.

Peace be with you.

During this time of accidents and catastrophes the faithful and responsible people who acted in the interest of the population and the nation were those who tried their best to rescue the most valuable and cherished items.

They rescued what they could. Taking into consideration the casualties and sacrifices from another level, this is understood.

These casualties and sacrifices were great because of these catastrophes and the critical situation.

Because of what happened to our nation, and what our population has faced under this foreign aggression, in comparison to recent history, the job of rescuing the invaluable items was one of the many duties of the responsible people of this nation.

Human life is the most valuable thing; it must be taken care of. We must watch and rescue Iraqis from themselves and from the enemy.

Some of the people lost their balance during the battle between the armies, and some lost it after that. Those who have a mujahadeen stance to serve the principals and the population and nation ... by population and nation I mean the reality of history according to each's own awareness and background.

When the circumstances permit and people are allowed to see the righteousness of their actions, to express their inner feelings to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, and what is just and injust, I would say this imbalance will not stop the work of mujahadeen to confront the invaders and to drive them out of Iraq in order to return Iraq to its true self and end this catastrophe.

The Iraqis have the right to take back the wealth of their country from the invaders. The invaders want to destroy the wealth of Iraq, to give it to their wicked followers who accompanied the army (people who returned from exile). They are traitors to their homeland and Iraqi people.

A great number of citizens had control of a lot vehicles owned by the state and (Baath) party. Some of them took those vehicles to their house to keep it until the state could return. This topic is sensitive. We feel bitter about what happened -- I intend to solve this situation, and to rescue our brothers and sons, even the looters who stole the vehicles and accepted the traitors and their agents and are cooperating with the enemy.

So we should treat that topic with wisdom in order to protect us from becoming traitors or cooperating with the enemy. For this reason we decided the person who had kept the vehicle with him can take it for himself as a gift and he can do whatever he like with it as personal property.

And he can keep it or sell it. While those who want to keep it for the state in the future, I consider with high esteem. The same with others who decide to sell the vehicle and donate the proceeds to the mujahadeen. These people will be rewarded with great faith and justice. But it is not allowed to hand these vehicles to the aggressors and their followers. Only the president and vice president and ministers and members of the revolutionary command council are exempt form this decision -- they can keep only their own cars.

My brothers and sons, we are in the process of dealing with these events. We have great faith in God and have great confidence that the aggressors will withdraw from Iraq as a result of the mujahadeen attacks and as a result of the Iraqi population's refusal to accept the occupation.

Our brothers and sons, we ask you to remain steadfast and to obey the law. God will reward you for what you've done, and so will we, especially those who are patient during this catastrophe.

We ask everybody who is affected by the events of bribery and robbery to behave responsibly and not to take any action -- God will defeat that aggression.

We ask you to respect the international law and principals of religion when dealing with the enemy soldiers who will surrender to you.

Finally I ask you for self-control during this critical time. Greetings to Iraqi men and women and especially to those who kept their hands clean.

God is great. The highest place is reserved for martyrs. Greetings to the martyrs. Saddam Hussein 27 July.