Raw Data: Questions Asked of CIA

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The standard list of information, approved in 1969 by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, that the Justice Department (search) required the CIA (search) to provide before deciding to pursue a criminal investigation into the leak of a covert operative's name.

The CIA provided its answers last week. They were not made public.

The information asked:

1. Date and identity of the article or release disclosing the classified information.

2. Specific statements which are classified and whether the data was properly classified.

3. Whether the classified data (search) disclosed is accurate.

4. Whether the data came from a specific document and, if so, the origin of the document and the name of the individual responsible for the security of the classified data disclosed.

5. The extent of official dissemination of the data.

6. Whether the data has been the subject of prior official releases.

7. Whether the prior clearance for publication or release of the information was sought from proper authorities.

8. Whether the material or portions thereof or enough background data has been published officially or in the press to make an educated speculation on the matter possible.

9. Whether the data can be declassified for the purpose of prosecution and, if so, the name of the person competent to testify concerning the classification.

10. Whether declassification had been decided upon prior to the publication or release of the data.

11. What effect the disclosure of the classified data could have on the national defense.