Raw Data: Key Dates in Arafat's Confinement

Main events during the confinement of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (search) by Israel, first to the West Bank (search) town of Ramallah and then to his compound there:

--Dec. 3, 2001: In the wake of three homicide bombings Israel destroys Arafat's three helicopters in Gaza City, grounding him and effectively confining him to Ramallah.

--Dec. 24, 2001: Despite European and U.S. intervention, Israel says it will not let Arafat attend Christmas Mass in Bethlehem unless he arrests the assassins of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi (search).

--Jan. 18, 2002: Two Israeli tanks and an armored personnel carrier park outside Arafat's Ramallah headquarters, confining him to his office complex a day after a Palestinian gunman bursts into a banquet hall and kills six Israelis.

--March 29, 2002: After wave of homicide bombings Israeli Cabinet declares Arafat an enemy, launches military offensive and takes over most of Arafat's Ramallah compound, confining Arafat and dozens of aides to several rooms.

--April 2, 2002: Arafat, responding to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's offer of permanent exile, says he will rather die than leave the West Bank.

--April 14, 2002: Secretary of State Colin Powell holds more than three hours of talks with Arafat at his compound.

--April 28, 2002: Israel's Cabinet reluctantly agrees to a U.S. proposal to release Arafat from his confinement and transfer six wanted men in his compound to a West Bank prison in Jericho where their detention will be supervised by U.S. and British security officials.

--May 1, 2002: The six wanted men are transferred to Jericho jail and Israel withdraws from Arafat's compound, ending his isolation.

--Sept. 19, 2002: Israeli tanks move into Arafat's compound again after a Palestinian blows himself up on a crowded bu in Tel Aviv, killing five.

--Sept. 21, 2002: Explosions rock Arafat's besieged headquarters as Israeli troops flatten every main building around him with explosives, tanks and bulldozers. Israel demands he hand over 20 wanted men, but Arafat refuses to capitulate.

--Sept. 29, 2002: Israel bows to U.N. demands and U.S. pressure, pulling troops and tanks out of Arafat's headquarters, ending the 10-day standoff.