'Raving' Reviews Roll In

On Tuesday I made my acting debut. But, believe it or not, acting was not my mistake. The mistake was inviting you guys to play film critic and let me know how I did.

A few people went along with the gag, and said great job, John. But you others — and you know who you are — phew! You're a rough bunch.

Bud Vaden from Manhattan, who says he's a loyal viewer: "Saw your 'performance' air yesterday. Have you ever considered the ballet instead?"

A real meanie named Dwolf in North Dakota wrote: "Don't flatter yourself with your acting skills, you been playing a jackass for years."

OK, guess I'm not going to get a Christmas Card. And this from Tim Jacobs in Montrose, Colorado: "I missed your acting debut and for that I am grateful."

Oh, it gets better. This from Darlene Redinger in Warsaw, Indiana: "You egotistical jerk! You were not the star! All 'FOX & Friends' fans know Steve Doocy was the true star! Everyone accuses Neil of having a big head, but you just proved you do!"

Ms. Morrison signs her vicious attack "sincerely," Paula: "You are ridiculous and so is any producer who would let you put that on the air. If you don't take your job seriously then GET OFF THE AIR! P.S. If you won't air this, give it to Neil. At least he gives the public a voice."

I could go on, but you get the idea.

I should say quite a number of you were gracious and said that I did good. Check the mirror to see if your nose is growing.

And quite a few others said that I shouldn't think of leaving "The Big Story" for a career in acting. Believe me, I certainly am not.

That's My Word.

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