Raising Awareness of Awareness-Raising

Live Earth arrives Saturday — it's the event featuring 24 hours of music by many of the world's top musicians. The goal: To save the globe by raising awareness... and really, it's all about raising awareness.

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Are you aware how important raising awareness is? It could be your lack of awareness about raising awareness that's at fault.

The fact is, you don't need facts to raise awareness. Never mind that climate change science is about as consistent as I am tall — which is not very. In fact, there is no consensus on global warming, other than it's kind of important.

Which is why we must raise awareness.

What I love most about raising awareness is that it allows you to ignore the real problems in your life, like your hygiene.

By thinking globally, you neglect locally. It's part of any celebrity crusader — from Sean Penn, to Paul Newman, to Al Gore: Intent on saving the planet, they lose their priorities. Maybe if Gore spent more time thinking about offspring, instead of offsets, his son would not have been caught operating a pharmacy-on-wheels at 100 miles per hour.

But thank God, he was driving a Prius: the ultimate, pro-environment go-cart. And, by being cuffed in it, he did his part to raise awareness for global warming — just like dear old dad!

And that's my gut feeling.

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