An escaped and raging bull attacked a neighbor's home, tearing off siding, ripping down part of a fence and damaging a car.

Wayne Johnson said he found the bull in his yard Friday morning. It had wandered in from a nearby farm.

While he watched, the bull repeatedly charged his house, tore off clapboards, flipped a picnic table, rammed his car and tore down part of the fence around his swimming pool, he said.

"He was crazy," Johnson said. "The thing was ripping my house apart."

Johnson called police, who called the state Department of Agriculture. They suggested finding the farmer who owns the animal.

Eventually, a neighbor was able to lure the bull away with a bag of grain, and led the animal back to its pasture.

Johnson said he's planning to talk to the bull's owner about getting his house repaired. He said he has no idea what caused the bull to become so aggressive.

"My house isn't red," he joked. "It's grayish blue."