Driving all over Oregon in a minivan, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich (search) is speaking day after day to anyone who will listen as he continues his quixotic pursuit of the Democratic nomination.

By the time Oregon Democrats vote in their May 18 primary, Kucinich will have campaigned in the Beaver State for more than a month.

"The people of Oregon have an opportunity to help gently nudge the Democratic Party (search) on the issue of the war," said Kucinich, who is calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Leading Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry says if he were elected president, he would send more troops to Iraq.

Also unlike Kerry, Kucinich would raise taxes for universal health care (search) and repeal the Patriot Act (search) and most trade agreements

"That's what we're asking Oregonians to do, to help wake up the Democratic Party. And the timing of it is really exquisite, because the timing is just when the platform is being developed all over the country," Kucinich said.

Kucinich said his main concern is not to win the nomination or even speak at the July convention, but to move the party and its platform to the left.

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