A 20-year-old woman filed a civil lawsuit yesterday, claiming two-time Grammy winner R. Kelly had sex with her when she was just 16, got her pregnant and then pressured her into having an abortion.

It was the third lawsuit filed against the platinum-selling R&B artist claiming he had sex with underage girls.

Patrice Jones is asking for more than $50,000 in the latest suit, lawyers said.

Jones claims she had a nine-month relationship with Kelly, the married father of two kids, after meeting him at the Rock 'N Roll McDonald's in downtown Chicago. She claimed the couple had sex at his studio, Tracks, and several Chicago-area hotels, including a Holiday Inn.

After Jones became pregnant, she claimed he pressured her into an abortion.

"A 17-year-old girl cannot think straight in these circumstances. He intimidated her into it [the abortion]," said lawyer Susan Loggans, who represents Jones and the two other women who have filed suits against the singer.

"After all these events with underage minors, he's still trying to characterize himself as the victim."

Kelly's lawyer, Gerry Margolis, said the two previous suits were settled — but that "the cash machine is closed."

"R. Kelly is no angel, but he is no monster, either," Margolis said. "This latest suit is a collection of half-truths, distortions and outright lies that we intend to fight and beat."

Lawyers would not disclose the settlement amounts for lawsuits filed in 1997 and 2001 against Kelly, 33, whose given name is Robert.

Kelly has denied any wrongdoing.

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