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Kind of entertainment oriented, talking point — show mixed with heavy political interviews, including press secretary Dana Perino and Senator John McCain .

Of course you knew the second Rosie said she was leaving "The View" it would be an "A block" topic… and it was! Few believe she just had a contract breakdown with ABC. We discussed what went down and what could have went down behind the scenes at "The View." Also providing entertainment fun and impact — Courtney Friel in Los Angeles at "American Idol." The giveback concert was extremely moving and entertaining and the two recap features were just awesome.

Tonight is the first Democratic debate in South Carolina and can you believe Senator Clinton and Senator Obama enter in a virtual dead heat? I am shocked! Senator McCain will look to capture headlines daily and on our show he refused to apologize for his joke on "The Daily Show" as demanded by Congressman John "Madden" Murtha.

Sorry I could not blog yesterday because I could have reviewed the "Catch the World Is Talking About"… that I almost dropped. What am I talking about? Well, sure first round pick Brady Quinn tossed a pass to me from 50 yards and — here's the twist — I was in the back of an open-back, fenced-in pick-up truck. For that pass I recommend the Raiders take Quinn No. 1 overall — he's seriously an impressive young star.

Speaking of young stars, I feature 90 in my new book titled, "It's How You Play the Game: The Powerful Sports Moments That Taught Lasting Values to Americas Finest." Register to win a free copy on www.brianandthejudge.com.

By the way I am back on the signing tour next week at the following locations — hope to see you there and thanks so much for keeping us No 1!

May 1, Bayshore, NY — Barnes and Noble
May 2, Carle Place, NY — Barnes and Noble
May 3, Wyckoff, NJ — Bennett Books
May 4, Ridgewood, NJ — Bookends


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