Quick to Criticize the U.S.

The French press screams louder than anyone about the way we treat terror suspects in Guantanamo (search). So it’s interesting to note the way France deals with its terror suspects.

In July, the U.S. released from Guantanamo four French terror suspects, all of whom admitted attending terror camps. As soon as they landed in Paris (search), they were bundled up and hauled away by internal security. They haven’t been heard from since. French law permits such suspects to be held out of sight for three years.

One French judge has ordered the arrests of more than 500 people, just on suspicion of "conspiracy in relation to terrorism." He told The Washington Post why the French tolerate their tough justice: "When you have your enemy in your own territory, whether in Europe or in North America, you can't use military forces because it would be inappropriate and contrary to the law. So you have to use new forces, new weapons."

While the French press has little to say about their own anti-terror policies, here’s what the newspaper Le Monde (search) said about ours on Jan. 12: “The simple truth is that American officials created a legal monster in Guantanamo Bay. They must put an end to the situation, quickly and effectively, by liberating those detainees whose files are empty and by charging the rest before ordinary courts of law."

Somehow Le Monde didn’t notice French terror suspects who have yet to be charged. Ah, the French!

And that’s the Asman Observer.

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