So after weeks of delving deep into Miss California's thoughts on social issues, we now turn to Wednesday night's press conference, where one reporter served up a question suited more for a pageant than a president.

Check it out, check it outers:


JEFF ZELENY, NEW YORK TIMES: During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office, enchanted you the most about serving in this office, humbled you the most and troubled you the most?

this down.

ZELENY: Surprised. Troubled.

OBAMA: I've got — what was the first one?

ZELENY: Surprised.

OBAMA: Surprised.

ZELENY: Troubled.

OBAMA: Troubled.

ZELENY: Enchanted.

OBAMA: Enchanted. Nice.

ZELENY: And humbled.

OBAMA: And what was the last one? Humbled?

ZELENY: Humbled. Thank you, sir.

OBAMA: All right.


Well, someone definitely was "enchanted," beguiled and bewitched by a wizard whose spell reduces anyone not immune to feel good emotionalism to the gawking state of a fawning school girl.

It's a credit to Obama that even he had to openly acknowledge the convoluted question from Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times reporter, for it was something Barbara Walters would have posed to Barbara Streisand in 1979, right after asking her what kind of tree she would be. (I think she said "spruce.")

So how do you get to a point where a reporter actually feels compelled to ask such a question? It takes two things:

One: obsession. Remember the Sandra Bernhard character in "King of Comedy"? That's the press, and Obama is Jerry Langford. I'm beginning to think that many media types like the drooling tool Tom Shales have Obama collages hanging inside their lockers. Chris Matthews, I hear, built an Obama love doll in his garage. For a magical thrill, it's hooked up to a car battery.

But it also takes acquiescence. The press buys into Obama's worldview, because it's theirs too. So it's not really media bias. It's "me" bias. He is them. Them is... he, if you pardon my grammar.

Fact is, the press has always believed in fairness, meaning other people deserve your money. And that fits nicely with Obama's main shtick: talking up dreams, but leveling achievement.

It's a surprise that Zeleny didn't ask Obama to sign his dream journal, which later, he could decorate with hearts. Pink hearts, with arrows in them!

That's what I would do. But I'm different.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler!

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