An Australian quadriplegic has won the right to die, but says he could still be talked out of a plan to starve himself to death, the Australian Associated Press reports.

The Western Australia Supreme Court ruled Friday that Christian Rossiter, of Perth, had the right to end his life, which he has described as "a living hell."

The Brightwater Care Group, which cares for Rossiter, asked the court whether it could comply with his requests to stop feeding and hydrating him through a tube to his stomach.

Chief Justice Wayne Martin told the court it would be unlawful for the group to continue feeding Rossiter against his wishes, as long as he had been informed of the consequences of these actions.

Rossiter, who can only speak through a tracheotomy tube, said he's happy with the ruling, but said he will speak with a doctor before going through with plans to end his life.

"I want to end my life, but after I speak to a medical professional," Rossiter told AAP. "He could dissuade me. I have to seek advice. There's a possibility I could still be dissuaded."

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