What's it all about, Jude Law (search)? A new movie called "Alfie." (search)

Like the original that launched a kid named Michael Caine (search), this one has Alfie talking directly to the the audience. A lot. Law says the camera was intentionally made a member of the cast.

Law: "The camera had a bigger trailer than me, by the way."

McCuddy: "I felt like I was in the movie."

Law: "You were!"

McCuddy: "I wasn't in the credits, but you were talking to me the whole time."

Law: "That's the idea. I'm glad you say that, that's exactly the idea."

A notorious womanizer, Alfie woos everyone from "Ally McBeal's" Jane Krakowski and Susan Sarandon to real life girlfriend Sienna Miller. So is that also the real Jude Law? Loving and leaving?

Law: "I'm not someone that plays this game. I've had my fair share. I'm sure we all have."

McCuddy: "Well I'm guessing you had a fairer share than me."

Law: "I was only 17, 18 when I got married."

His failed marriage to actress Sadie Frost made "Alfie" the real life father of three. That helps scenes with Marisa Tomei and her son ring true. So come on, Jude, there is a lot of Alfie in you, isn't there?

Law: "I'm sure people will think 'Oh yeah, gosh, they're one in the kind.' The interesting thing for me -- and that's a mistake people often make with the roles people play in films -- the laugh for me is this is probably further from my personality than a lot of the other parts I've ever played."