Putting the Customer in Customer Service

Do you ever wonder why some people are so transparent? Do they really think we're idiots?

Take the car salesman who loves you as your shopping for the car, but seems to forget your name after you buy it. Or the contractor who loves you as you're signing the checks, but forgets you after you have.

I guess it is human nature. But it seems so obvious and so... icky!

I think what's lacking in customer service today is serving the customer after today.

A contractor at my home reminded me of that.

When the big job was being done on our house and big checks were pending, they couldn't have been more suck-up-ish.

Were we happy with this? Any problems? Any questions?

Then the job was done. The last check paid. No more quality control questions. No more calls inquiring about our satisfaction. Actually, no more calls at all.

Suddenly, no one cared.

We had a minor follow-up issue.

And we called. No call back.

We called again. Still no call back.

Fortunately my wife's persistent. And unfortunately for the contractor, she knew where to find him.

But one contractor on one job isn't the issue — service is.

I think the best companies are those that give the best service. Not only "as they're getting the money." But long after they've gotten it in the first place.

So the next time a smiling salesman asks you what he can do for you as you're kicking the tires, suggest he keep smiling after you buy the car or you'll kick his.

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