Pundits debating why pundits got it wrong.

This is what we have come to, my friends. The endless debate how so many endless polls missed it.

The Obama surge that wasn't, the Hillary surge that was.

Here's what I think: John Edwards was right.

I don't agree with all his views, but I agree with something he said last night.

Two states have voted, 48 have not.

Less than one percent of Americans have cast ballots, 99 percent have not.

Yet it's on the basis of what that one percent did that some candidates are doomed?

Says who? Pundits?

Mitt Romney's done because he only took second in two states?

John McCain's unstoppable because he won one state?

What are we talking about here?

A few hundred thousand voters, in a country of more than a few hundred million.

I know this is a game of momentum. But clearly not a consistent one.

Momentum said Barack Obama was unstoppable after Iowa.

Then he was stopped.

Momentum said Hillary Clinton was dead going into New Hampshire. Now more than alive and well leaving New Hampshire.

I don't know. This much I do know.

Write those praises and post-mortems in pencil, because they have a way of changing.

A pundit didn't tell me that. You, the voter did.

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