Pulling the Plug on O.J. Deal

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I am sure you have heard... the O.J. Simpson authored book will not be published and the already taped two-part interview of him by Judith Regan will not air.

I learned like most of you, not through the grapevine, but on television. I am curious as to what happened behind the scenes but it is doubtful I will get that information. I would like to know more about the payment to Simpson. I keep hearing that the money was paid to a "third party" and not directly to O.J. Simpson (so as to avoid the estate of Ron Goldman attaching the funds.) That simply sounds fishy to me.

I was happy to have Kim and Fred Goldman on our show last night. I wanted to know what they thought of News Corp.'s decision to pull the book and not air the interview. I thought the Goldman's were gracious.

As for the content of the book, I don't know if we will ever see the book so I am not sure we will ever get to discover its contents. I suspect -- and have no proof -- that it really did not tell much at all and that the title was provocative but the contents slim at best. I think Simpson was just playing with Judith Regan and he got the best of her, to the tune of a large check. But, I must add, this is just my guess... what is yours?

The studio we did our show from last night is quite fancy. It is Tampa's WEDU. Before we did the show from WEDU, I was at the local FOX affiliate doing two hits -- one for the local FOX in Tampa and the other for the local FOX in Chicago. We can't do our show from the local FOX in Tampa because they have a 10 p.m. news show and need their studio. I was told they are building a new studio so maybe in the future we will do shows from there.

We expected to have defense lawyer Jeff Brown and prosecutor Pam Bondi on our show in Tampa last night but the plans changed at the last minute when we booked the Goldmans. Jeff and Pam will be on our show tonight from Tampa. Pam teased me that I booked her so that I could see her dog Noah. There is some truth in that... I do like animals.

She brought him to the studio for me to see. I may post a picture of him tomorrow. As you may recall, Noah is the subject of some litigation.

While I am on the topic of animals, on Thursday, unless there is breaking news, we will air a special with Jack Hanna. If you love animals, you don't want to miss this.

Now for some e-mails, and yesterday's quiz answer follows the e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I'm almost 70 years old and thought I had seen and heard everything about the assassination, but tonight's segment was very enlightening.
Some years ago, I was doing some part time accounting work in Raleigh for a small construction company. The foreman gave me the following information:
1. He was in the Cavalry at the time of the event, and he along with a team conducted a re-creation of the crime scene. They built a tower the height and distance of where Oswald was, had a limo like the president's moving at the same speed as in the motorcade and fired at the limo. He claims they conducted this test over and over and over again and their conclusion was that Oswald didn't kill JFK. They set this up out in a very remote place.
2. He also said Kennedy had powder burns about his head and that one cannot receive powder burns at the distance from which Oswald was shooting.
3. He also said that a lot of the information regarding the incident is on microfilm, was locked away in a safe in a secret location and would not be opened for 50 years. That would be 2013.
4. Claims it was his (and others) responsibility at one time to go to Vegas and set the Kennedys up with lodging and their prostitutes.
Unfortunately I can't even remember this man's name and only the highest ranking officials who made decisions in 1963 could confirm any of this - but we may NEVER know the whole truth. It's still intriguing.
Marguerite Meares
Wake Forest, NC

E-mail No. 2

I am just curious.....why hasn't Howard Stern bought her a house on the island. I mean after all she and he claim he is the father. Why has she got to be the one. Is he broke? You read stories about the power being turned off and no one is getting paid. Should he not be expected to help!
Dianna D. Barbee
Office Manager
Construct, Inc.

E-mail No. 3

Consistent with the majority of your posted emails, I believe that the OJ trial was failed justice. However, I do not believe that Judith Regan, the publisher, Fox news nor its sponsors should be boycotted for publishing the book nor airing the interview.
The Simpson trial was the "perfect storm" of injustice; and Judith Regan mentions many, though not all of the causes that led to his "not guilty" verdict. A more lasting target for our outrage might be identification of the causes of failed justice for Nicole & Ron, and working in their memory to change those causes, so that, such injustices might be prevented in the future.
San Diego

E-mail No. 4

Rather you agree or disagree, this man was found criminal innocent of that tragic double murder. If this is how we are going to act when someone is found innocent, then we should just do away with the Judicial system and prosecute black people in particular in the media. How many other real murders have gone on to write books as well as make movies without all this crap!!! Although I do not agree with him writing the book, he still have the right.
Forrest F. Gillespie

ANSWER: He was not found "criminally innocent" but rather "not guilty." The jury is never asked about innocence... but simply whether the prosecution proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. A "not guilty" verdict does not necessarily mean the accused did not do it. It means that the prosecution failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

E-mail No. 5

Yes, I am sick of O.J. and heart sick, and angry that Fox broadcasting would air an interview with that disgusting creature who obviously loves the limelight. My small protest will be not watching the interview or FOX ever again. I expect that I’m not alone. Aren’t you proud of yourself for working for such an “honorable” network? One would hope that intelligent, educated individuals would have higher standards.

Mitzi Grubb

E-mail No. 6

Thank you for presenting the program Sunday evening. Very informative. For 15 years I taught courses on organized crime and found a book called "Double Cross" written by Sam Giacana Jr. The book, written in the mid 1990's, detailed the Kennedy's pursuit of organized crime, especially through the then Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, the Bay of Pigs and Judith Exner, the sister of a former friend of mine who was a mistress of John Kennedy and informant to Sam Giacana.
The book named the shooters and their positions. They were in the Book Depository and on the "grassy knoll."
It was a very interesting book. So interesting that I made it assigned reading for the course.
Of course the "double cross" was that the mafia in West Virginia helped elect Kennedy who then appointed his brother, to go after organized crime. All the while J. Edgar Hoover was telling the public that there was no organized crime in the United States. The book makes it clear that Hoover was not very distraught over the President's death and it was clear that Hoover had no love for either John or Robert Kennedy.
I just thought I would pass along the information on the book. You may have already read it, but I wanted to bring it to your attention as some of your viewers may be interested in reading it.
Thank you.
Bill Schroeder

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta,
I love Fox News. I watch it for sometimes hours each day. BUT, the second OJ's name is brought up, I turn the channel. I will not give this murderer any of my time or interest nor will I justify the story by watching anything to do with him on any channel. I'd much rather watch Fox News, but until this topic goes away, I will have an itchy remote control finger.
Debra Smikle
Dowagiac, MI

E-mail No. 8

This is such bull crap. Star after star goes on a tirade and expresses their passions against minorities or religions. Then after the shame hits the news they issue a statement and 'apologogy. Why? For what purpose? This is happening so often I feel the apology is nothing more than a PR Scam. It has no meaning. Why don't they try having more of a reign on their tongue since they are such public figures. They should have more integrity than they obviously do.

E-mail No.9

Hi, Greta,
Yours is the only program I watch on the Fox News Channel. In my opinion, you are the one truly fair and balanced show on their airwaves. There was one problem with tonight's show regarding the OJ story: your graphics person mispelled "cancelled" and "cancellation," using only one "L"
in both cases. Fox already has egg on its face, let's not add to it by mispelling very simple words, escpecially when it's related to a Fox blunder. Keep up the great work!

ANSWER: Fair and balanced but can't spell...ugh.

Yesterday I posted a quiz (Tuesday's quiz is posted at the end). See below for answers.

Question 1: Which is incorrect?

A. Everyone has his opinion
B. Everyone has their opinion
C. Everyone has his or her opinion?
D. Everyone has her opinion?


And a second question: Which is correct?

E. Neither Jack nor Jill wants a cat
F. Neither Jack nor Jill want a cat


E-mail No. 10 (and if you don't believe me, check out below)

Here is a two-question quiz: Which is incorrect? Answer B is incorrect in the first question since everyone is singular. Answer E is correct in the second question since you are talking about one or the other of them (again, a singular) rather than both. If you changed the neither in the second sentence to both, the answer would be "Both Jack and Jill want a cat."

A. Everyone has his opinion.
B. Everyone has their opinion.
C. Everyone has his or her opinion.
D. Everyone has her opinion.

And a second question: Which is correct?
E. Neither Jack nor Jill wants a cat.
F. Neither Jack nor Jill want a cat

TUESDAY QUIZ: Which is correct?

A. This is she
B. This is her

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