Puff Duddy, Woody Harrelson and Haley Joel Osment in the glare of The Foxlight.

Is the world ready for Puffed up Daddy? Sean Combs says it won't be long before he wins, not one, but two Oscars. He says he doesn't want to come off sounding cocky or arrogant - does the term "too late" mean anything? Combs says a small role in the upcoming film Made made him feel comfortable in front of movie cameras. I didn't think it was the cameras outside the courtroom.

If Woody Harrelson seems less cheery these days it's because he's not high. A friend's bicycle accident scared Woody straight - for at least a few days. "I usually like to walk around in a perpetual fog," Harrelson tells Premiere. "I've been so shaken up lately that I can't even bring myself to smoke weed. It's been four days since I burned one." He says he'd rather smoke dope and work for hemp legislation than act. "If I lose my career, I don't need it." And they say marijuana impairs your judgement.

Finally, Haley Joel Osment may be famous for seeing dead people, but none of them are Stanley Kubrick. At Tuesday night's A.I. premiere, the pint sized thespian told The Foxlight he felt Kubrick's presence on set - but only because Steven Spielberg wouldn't stop talking about him. No sudden blasts of cold air, no unexplained doors opening and closing. Too bad -  that might have made a better movie.