Puerto Rican Officials OK Plan to End Government Shutdown

Puerto Rican officials have reached an agreement to end a partial government shutdown that put more than 95,000 people out of work and closed schools, the governor said Wednesday.

Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila said that he and the leaders of the Puerto Rican Senate and House of Representatives had agreed to accept the recommendations of a special commission created to end a budget impasse that crippled government services and hurt business in this U.S. territory.

The agreement would allow Puerto Rico to seek a $740 million emergency loan to operate for the two months remaining in the fiscal year, repaying the money with a series of legislative measures — including some that have not yet been approved.

The agreement would end a crisis that forced the governor to temporarily shutter 43 government agencies and nearly 1,600 public schools. The shutdown was in its 10th day on Wednesday.