So if there was one thing I learned from the coverage of those big protests last weekend, it's that signs matter.

See, when the media cover an event they don't like, they focus on protester's placards. But as a regular, long-term consumer of all things media (and fiber), I cannot recall this ever happening when the media covered the WTO protests, the NOW marches, the no-nuke concerts, the anti-war demonstrations.

If I remember correctly, the media instead chose to focus on the heroic faces of the protesters. Often, they would be huddled together, holding a candle, singing "Give Peace a Chance" or something equally annoying.

Fact is: The media liked them, so who cares if the signs were offensive; that reality would only undermine the ideal.

To me, most of the sillier signs this weekend didn't reflect idiocy, but inexperience. I'm willing to bet nearly all of these folks had never been to a march before, unless it involved Dimes. Lefty protesters have had far more experience doing this sort of thing, so they know how to dress and when to cry.

Finally, you media types who call these folks crackpots need to realize you're only doing so, because to them, you're irrelevant. They no longer need or believe in you.

Granted, however, I've been known to call people who disagree with me — the Garafalos, the Olbermanns — crazy, too. But I'm right.

And if you disagree with me, then you're probably a racist.

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