Prostitution and Taxes: New Solution to Combat Oldest Profession?

Hire a hooker, pay the price!

That's the ingenious idea from Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa: Go after pimps and prostitutes the same way the government went after Al Capone — through taxes! His proposal would make certain tax crimes a felony when the money comes from criminal activity. Pimps would be required — like any other employer — to file employment forms and withhold taxes for the hookers working for them. When they don't… well, you get the idea. The bigger idea isn't just to go after pimps, but to try to curb the horrible crime of sex trafficking, which often includes young children.

If you, like me, always seem to have five pounds that won't come off, here are some tiny, but possibly powerful, changes you can make. Turn off the air conditioner. Yes, a study at the University of Alabama concluded that using A.C. leads to less sweating, but also less weight loss. Also, get more sleep. Sleep debt increases your body weight. You won't drop 30 pounds this way, but it may help with those stubborn last pounds.

Just in case your slurred speech and stumbling didn't clue you in, there is a new way to tell if you're drunk: cell phones with built in breathalyzers are set to hit the U.S. market. The South Korean company LG will introduce the LP4100 this year. You blow into a small spot on the phone and if you've had too much to drink, the phone warns you by showing a weaving car hitting traffic cones. The phone also let you set up a system so that you can't dial certain numbers in your phone book after a specific time of night. Think of some late night phone calls you later wish you hadn't made! Clever gizmo.

Finally, if you missed today's show you missed a legend. Hank Williams Jr. sang his latest hit song. Gosh is he good!

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