Propaganda Is Part of War... and We Suck at It

Last week, Omar al-Baghdadi, a leader of an Al Qaeda sect in Iraq, was revealed to be a fiction, created to give a foreign-run terror group an Iraqi face.

You have to admit: Our enemies are clever bastards and we could learn from them. But it's Hollywood who should listen up.

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Our film industry can make any scenario look real: Cars turning into monsters, asteroids crashing into Earth, Michael Moore fixing health care — Hollywood makes it happen.

And that makes me think we're squandering a great weapon in the War on Terror.

Like the way the terrorists created a phony leader, our best directors should fake events to undermine the bad guys. You know, the same way they created the whole "landing on the Moon" thing.

Why doesn't Steven Spielberg film Christ's second coming? Report it as news and watch fanatics realize they backed the wrong horse. In the press conference, God can say, "Sorry guys, it's really 72 nights with Rosie O'Donnell."

Let's hire Michael Bay to depict a race of massive Christian robots! Make them look like Transformers, but have George Bush's head. This will terrify the Taliban and Brentwood.

Call this ridiculous, but propaganda is part of war and we suck at it. Until those in Hollywood who mock the War on Terror get on board, we will continue fighting it on two fronts.

But, for my plan to work, everyone must keep this charade secret. So after the films are made, we kill everyone involved.

And that's my gut feeling.

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