Dear Viewers,

I received many e-mails Friday night looking for our interview of the former Shah of Iran's wife, Farah Pahlavi (search).

I had not realized it but we had promoted it on Friday during the day but did not air it on Friday night. What happened is that we taped it about 9:15 p.m. ET on Friday night and will air it sometime this week -- maybe tonight. To prove that we at least taped it -- here is a picture of the Empress on our set on Friday night:

The Empress has a new book out which is extremely relevant to the times. Of course her homeland of Iran is "next door" to Iraq (went to war with Iraq in the 1980's) and there is much concern over Iran's nuclear weapon program.

I love Tony Snow -- everyone loves Tony Snow at Fox. He is always a gentleman and always fun to talk to in the halls of the bureau.  When you like someone, there is a special pleasure in teasing that person.  So, I thought I would give you a "behind the scenes" picture of Tony's office.    Note two things: first, the office is a mess.  Any day now the Health Department may show up and condemn his office.  Second, what's with the "industrial strength" trash can in the middle of the room?


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