Project Gets the Green Light and Talk Isn't Talking

Project gets the green light and Talk isn't talking in the emerald glow of the Foxlight.

Good news for anyone hooked on HBO's Project Greenlight. A second edition has the greenlight. The behind-the-scenes look at how ineptly they make movies in Hollywood has become like crack to everyone in Hollywood. They're hooked. And so are the rest of us. HBO says the series has exceeded expectations. And reviewers say it's because everyone likes to see someone else fail.

Wanna start a bar fight with Saturday Night Live's Jimmy Fallon? Play the same record twice on a jukebox. He says that was exactly the sort of thing that set him off when he was younger. Worst sin? Billy Joel's "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant." Hit replay on that one and he would come out swinging. Fallon says he's cooled off since. Still, I'm not taking any chances.

Finally, it's a shame we couldn't get one more issue of Talk printed. The one they pulled the plug on had Courtney Love professing anything but love for Russell Crowe. Why was her mind less than beautiful on the subject? He dissed her when rumors spread that they were lovers. She says they never slept together and wants him to apologize for taking off. Courtney, that's not gonna happen. Ask Meg Ryan.