Professor Accused of Fondling Students in Exchange for Higher Grades

A University of Iowa professor accused of fondling female students in exchange for giving them "A's" in his class had been put on paid administrative leave.

Arthur Miller, a political science professor, was charged with four counts of bribery after he allegedly asked female students to let him fondle them in return for better grades.

University spokesman Steve Parrott said the university is conducting its own investigation, separate from the criminal case. Meanwhile, Miller is on paid leave and has been barred from having any contact with students until the criminal case is resolved, Parrott said.

Miller was arrested on Friday and released from jail on Saturday.

Police said he allegedly asked to touch the breasts of four female students between May 8 and 13. In return, he would give the students "A's" in his class.

Miller's wife, Natasha Ivanova, said she doesn't believe the allegations.

"The whole situation is very sad for us," Ivanova said. "I believe these accusations are false. We, as a family, are looking forward to the day all of these charges are dropped and his name is cleared."

University police seized 47 sets of e-mails from Miller's university account. Police found correspondences with 10 students, university staff and other faculty.

E-mails with students discussed meetings about grades, an extension, a final, assistance and "grades and offer by Miller to negotiate," according to court documents.

E-mails between Miller and staff and the political science department chairman referenced the investigation.

Miller has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Susan Johnson, associate provost for faculty, declined to answer whether there were prior allegations against Miller, citing the ongoing investigation.

Miller has been a member of the University of Iowa faculty since 1985.