Principal Stripped of Duties for Allegedly Allowing Questionable Search of Students

A New Jersey principal has been stripped of her duties for allegedly letting chaperones strip-search students to check whether they were carrying drugs on a class trip to Disney World.

The Mickey Mouse punishment landed Lucia Pollino — who runs Paulsboro High School in Paulsboro, South Jersey — a paid suspension enforced by the state Board of Education through Nov. 19, Paulsboro School District Superintendent Frank Scambia told the Camden Courier-Post.

The chaperones who carried out the strip-searches of four students during last month's senior class excursion weren't disciplined.

Pollino was placed on paid leave "for failure to provide clear and unambiguous instruction as to the scope of a search to be conducted by a subordinate, and failure to follow district policy covering parental notification prior to a student search during a senior trip to Florida," Scambia told the Courier-Post.

One of the teens' mothers, Lisa Vitale, said she didn't know that her son was among the students who had to take off his clothes until after the trip was over and another parent contacted her.

"He told me they were searching the rooms and tore their bags and wallets apart," Vitale told the newspaper. "Pollino woke up the two male chaperones to take the boys all together and had them one at a time drop their pants."

The Board of Ed also decided to freeze Pollino's salary raises for three years beginning July 1, Scambia told the Courier-Post.

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FOX News' Catherine Donaldson-Evans contributed to this report.