Prince Charles Blasts the Media

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Prince Charles (search) had little to say about his forthcoming wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles (search) as he started his annual skiing vacation Thursday and expressed annoyance with press coverage of the family trip.

At the start of a weeklong vacation in this Alpine resort with sons William and Harry, Charles, the heir to the British throne, told reporters that he was "very glad" they had heard of his April 8 wedding, Britain's Press Association news agency reported.

But he seemed unhappy at dealing with the media, referring to them under his breath as "bloody people" and muttering, "I hate doing this," as he posed for photos. The comments were picked up by microphones, PA said.

Elder son William is vacationing with his girlfriend, Kate Middleton (search), but said it was unlikely there would be a second royal wedding soon.

"I'm just gagging to be on the slopes — simple as that," William said, adding that he is "very happy, very pleased" about his father's wedding.

Harry said they had already had a stag night for their father.

"You've missed it," William added. "It was good fun."

The family traditionally has one session for photographers during the spring vacation, in return for the media leaving them alone while skiing.

"He wasn't looking forward to it," Charles's spokesman Paddy Harverson said of the session. "We have an agreement with the media where they give them space during the holiday but a few paparazzi yesterday got the holiday off to a bad start."

"I think the prince was a little bit upset about that," Harverson added. "He doesn't have contempt for the media."