Sometimes, a guest just clicks.

It's not his looks or politics. Sometimes maybe it's just his timing. Even if he didn't spend a lot of time seizing it.

Three minutes.

That's about all Daniel Hannan spent eviscerating Gordon Brown in front of Gordon Brown. Saying to the British prime minister in few words, what others vastly more experienced and better known couldn't do these many days, weeks, and months in far more words:

“You are a devalued prime minister of a devalued government." It was cutting. He was clear. It was biting. He was done. Not with a rant. But a reason.

A reason to abandon big government before it abandons us – it bankrupts us. A speech so clear, so focused, so telling…that there's no telling where this takes the young conservative member of Parliament.

A conservative who holds himself not hostage to party dogma, but critical thought. A conservative who supported Barack Obama on hope. But a conservative who now finds Barack Obama hopeless.

A conservative who shot straight, without taking cheap shots. Who told a man to his face he was a disaster to his cause. And a man who resonated here because his concern really emanated everywhere.

A politician who had the nerve to say sometimes the best thing politicians can do is nothing at all. A politician who told me that if the financial crisis had erupted and he were prime minister, he'd do nothing as prime minister.

Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

"I know that's not conventional," Hannan told me. "I suspect that's why I'll never be prime minister." Well here's where I disagreed with this young, rising, global star.

At this time, in this moment, given this rage, that is exactly why I think Daniel Hannan will be prime minister.

Mark my words: Remember this man.

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