I hate smug. I hate smug people. I really hate smug people who dismiss people who think they're smug. Which for me, lately, includes pretty much the entire political leadership in Washington. Because they don't have much time for me.

That's fine. Here's what isn't: I don't know if you've noticed, but they don't have much time for you either.

Don't believe me. Believe a door.

Yeah, a door. A 10-foot door.

A door that shields the folks spending all the money, from the silly masses whose money they're spending. A door that says nothing but whose mere shut presence says everything: We don't get in, they don't come out until they're ready with a report and a bill.

Like I said, we're on a need-to-know basis and we don't need to know. Just know that they know and they'll tell us when they're damn ready and not a moment sooner.

Because the problem with being stupid peasants is we're... well, stupid. Getting all hot and bothered if we find out their health care fix is going to make us sicker or the cure costlier.

That's the thing about peasants: We're so emotional. We shout. We rant. We question. So best to keep us in the dark behind a door shut than involve us in a debate that is open.

No, the only thing we peasants need to open is our wallets.

For now, just look at the door. The shut door. It's a nice door. After all, we paid for it. But will likely never know the scary price for it. Only that it leads to places even scarier.

Much scarier...

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