Press Barred From White House Protest

The news that is not White House approved...

Locked Out

The White House Press Corps is up in arms after they were barred from covering a gay rights protest outside the White House Tuesday. In what has been described as a rare and unusual move, police closed Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Park during the protest.

The closure stopped reporters from further covering the activists who were speaking out against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and that policy. Take a look:



UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Have you seen them do this before?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE OFFICER: Let's go, back up. Park's closed! Back up!


You can hear the reporter in the video asking if this has ever happened before. Now, what we can be sure of if it happened during the Bush administration, the left would still be talking about it this very day.

Spring Offensive

There are new indications that the Democrats will stop at nothing to push their radical agenda through Congress this spring. Now, whether it is cap-and-tax or the so-called immigration reform bill, it is all on the table for the left, thanks to the return of the controversial process that has known as reconciliation.

According to Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, Democrats believe their budget resolution has been written in a way that gives them authority to use reconciliation to pass what he calls energy legislation and more in 2010. Cardin says: "There are many different areas that it could be used."

I think Cardin should stop by his colleague's Senator Robert Byrd's office to hear what he thinks about all of this:


SEN. ROBERT BYRD, D-W.VA.: It is time for the abuse of the reconciliation process to cease. We should not be using tight expedited procedures to take up measures that worsen the fiscal situation of the nation and that have far-reaching profound the impacts on the people.

The reconciliation was never, never, never, intended to be a shield to be used as a shield for controversial legislation.


"Never." Pretty strong words coming from the longest serving member of Congress in our nation's history.

Propaganda Prizes

If you like contests, you may want to enter this one sponsored by the Environment of Protection Agency. The EPA is offering $2,500 of your taxpayer dollars to the individual who makes the best video about why federal regulations are good.

The agency's press release about the contest notes, that "almost every aspect of an individual's life is touched by federal regulations." Wait, that is supposed to be good thing?

Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is outraged and she is vowing to make an unorthodox entry into the contest, highlighting how regulations can be harmful. She also wrote a letter to the Anointed One arguing against, "the use of taxpayer dollars as prize money. In an era of ever mounting debt, a $2,500 prize for a YouTube video is truly not the best use of taxpayer dollars."

By the way, I'm sure all members of team Obama will make great entries. Is that what they do. They love big government.

Historic Showdown

A brand new video of Ronald Reagan has been unearthed from the former president's days at General Electric. During Reagan's tenure there, he hosted the television show "General Electric Theater" which soon became the country's top-rated Sunday night TV program.

Reagan's background as an actor helped him bring dozens of Academy Award winners on the show. And this new video shows Reagan with actor James Dean. Reagan plays a doctor defending his home and family from Dean, a law-breaking teenager trying to find medical treatment for his friend. Take a look:


RONALD REAGAN: I want you to you take your hands off my wife and get out of this house.

JAMES DEAN: Get out of the way.

REAGAN: Sure, I'll get out of the way. But you're going out of here alone, Sonny.

DEAN: Don't you call me Sonny! Now, you got five seconds to get out of the way. One.

REAGAN: I'm telling you for the last time, if you go out of here, you're going out alone.

DEAN: Two.

UNIDENTIFIED KID: Let go of my mommy!

REAGAN: It's all right, Suzie. Everything's going to be all right.

DEAN: Three.

UNIDENTIFIED KID: Let go of my mommy!

DEAN: I'm not afraid to shoot this!


One for the good guys and by the way, less a year later, James Dean died at the age of 24 and Reagan's career had taken off.

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