Presley Discusses Marriage to Jacko

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So what does Lisa Marie Presley (search) think about her marriage to Michael Jackson (search) way back when? "Holy mother of God" was her response on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" (search) on Monday.

Presley told Winfrey she was naive when she met Jackson and that he snowed her over and she wanted to help him with his problems.

"At that time, the way that he did that looped me into, 'Oh my God, you poor misunderstood soul, I feel really bad for you,'" the 37-year-old singer said.

She said Jackson tried to ease her fears that he was weird.

"He went very much out of his way to deprogram me of any previous ideas I might have had of him. He sat me down and said, 'I know you think this and I know you think that.' He was completely normal."

Presley and Jackson were married from 1994 to 1996. Some have openly questioned the nature of their relationship, but Presley says the marriage was real and she truly did love Jackson.

"Do you think he loved you?" Winfrey asked Presley.

"It's hard for me to answer that question. I don't know the answer to that, to be honest with you," Presley said.

"Do you think that he loved you as much as he could?" Winfrey asked.

"Yes, as much as he was capable of loving somebody," Presley said.

Winfrey then dug a little deeper, prompting her guest to squirm.

"Do you think he used you?" Winfrey asked.

"This seat is hot, let me tell you!" Presley answered. "Do I think he did? All signs point to yes on that. I can't answer for him."