You know the great thing about all these presidential candidates?

Yeah, pretty much all of them.

To a man, and a woman, they can spin anything their way.


Talk about making lemonade out of election lemons, Dennis Kucinich says he's on fire. Forget that one percent vote thing in New Hampshire, he insists if more people thought he could win, he'd be leading the pack.

For all I know, he might be right.

Then there's John Edwards — practically lived in Iowa. Lost Iowa.

Counted on New Hampshire. Comes in a distant third in New Hampshire. And insists he's on fire after New Hampshire.


Mike Huckabee no stranger to the superlatives either. Never mind a generally poor performance in last night's South Carolina debate, it just goes to show you, he says, when you're on top, you're a target.

He might have a point.

So too Mitt Romney. Loses Iowa and New Hampshire, states only a few weeks ago he was expected to win, but happily reports his silver medal finishes keep him in the hunt, and oh yeah, "I have the most delegates."

Spin is everything in politics. You never, ever, ever want to admit you're in trouble. Or even hint you're losing it.

Because the next thing you know, you're caught tearing up, and it's over. Right?

Well, maybe not.

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