President Obama's Top Priority Remains Unclear

The news that is not White House approved...

Out of Focus

It seems President Obama needs to get his priorities straight — literally.

Remember during the State of the Union address in January when he looked you, the American people, right in the eye and vowed that jobs would be his number one priority in 2010?


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, JAN. 27: That is why jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. And that's why I'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight.


That's what the president wanted you to believe was his top priority, but take a look at what we caught him telling an Indonesian television reporter on Friday about why he decided to postpone his trip to that country:


OBAMA: I'm as disappointed as anybody. The only reason that we decided to delay this is because the most important domestic priority here in the United States is going to be voted on.


So with tens of thousands of Americans still losing jobs each and every month, I think it's clear that putting Americans back to work is not even on this president's radar screen.

"You Asked for It"

Democrats have scoffed at the idea that President Obama's radical agenda has, shall we say, socialist tendencies. But now the Reverend Al Sharpton, one of the president's most vocal supporters, is setting the record straight.

Take a look at what he told our very own Geraldo Rivera:


AL SHARPTON, NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK: I think that this is — began the transforming of the country the way the president had promised. This is what he ran on —

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Are you — to socialism?

SHARPTON: Well, first of all, then we have to say that the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama.


I don't think socialism is what most Americans were expecting when they elected President Obama, but from the looks of things, that's exactly what we are getting.

General Election

One of the nation's most famous soldiers may be planning a transition to civilian life.

General David Petraeus, the head of U.S. Central Command, is turning heads with an announcement that he plans to visit the state of New Hampshire on Thursday, where he is also a resident. While there he will deliver remarks at St. Anselm College at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

High-profile visits to New Hampshire are often the first sign that potential candidates are eyeing a presidential bid, so we will all be keeping our eyes on General Petraeus in the weeks and the months to come.

Clinton-Gore '10

Former President Bill Clinton returned to Washington to take part in one of the city's fabled political traditions, the Annual Gridiron Club dinner. And he used the opportunity to take a swipe at his vanquished Vice President Al Gore, noting that he was speaking on the eve of the official start of spring, "otherwise known to Al Gore as proof of global warming."

That was pretty good, Bill.

Given how seriously the Anointed One takes himself, it's nice to see that there's still a Democrat out there with a sense of humor.

Bill Clinton, good job.

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