Here's the one thing: President Obama said we we're entering a new era of responsibility. And he's right, if he means that you don't have to be responsible for anything you do.

You might have heard that Obama's pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services, Tom Daschle, got a private car and driver and didn't know he was supposed to pay $100,000 dollars in taxes on it.

It's OK, because he paid that off last week, but without penalties. If you were audited on that, you'd have to shell out about $25,000 bucks in penalties.

But there's an update. He's going to cut another check for $6,000 because he didn't know he had to pay Medicare for the driver. This from the guy who is going to run Medicare!

Then there's Tim Geithner, who was picked to lead the IRS, but "forgot" to pay $34,000 in taxes. They basically said, "He's too big to fail" — so that pick was shoved down our throats.

Congressman Charlie Rangel is the head of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee and he also doesn't pay his taxes.

If we are going to go for the best and brightest — even if they break the law — I think we should actually go all out and do it.

Let's play this out:

Our Medicare is really melting down and Daschle isn't going to cut it. We need someone who's great at moving money around. How about... Bernie Madoff!

What about defense secretary? We need a real pit bull who would take the job seriously and would put a serious hurt on his enemies. I'm thinking... Khalid Sheikh Muhammad.

Who should head the Department of Homeland Security? It must be someone who really understands eavesdropping and letter bombs. I know... Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.

And secretary of labor has to be someone who really understands unions. It has to be John Gotti. But he's dead, so let's go with John Jr.

Those in Congress would say it's ridiculous to put these kinds of criminals in charge of the country. But as ridiculous as that sounds, what's the difference? They'll tell you it's just a matter of scale and it's all relative. But that's not true.

We used to be a country that knew right from wrong. But when there's this kind of pattern, you shouldn't be cut any slack. You would be in jail for the kinds of things that these guys did.

Could you imagine what the IRS would do to you if you didn't pay your taxes? Or, like Daschle, claimed a trip to the Bahamas on a corporate jet was charitable? Instead they get top Cabinet spots.

This is a quote from a very wise man: "Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter." Maybe he wasn't so wise and regrets saying it — because that was Tom Daschle, May 7, 1998.

Talk about a new era of responsibility.

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