Since I follow Wall Street a lot, I think I’m in a position to suggest the president follow Wall Street, at least a little.

Now, I know you don't flip over a lot of these Wall Street guys, Mr. President. And lately, given their selling, they don't seem to much flip over you. Bottom line: You don't like them, they don't like you.

So let me broker a settlement. Because, Mr. President, Wall Street does well, you do well.

I know you'd prefer to talk to regular guys and vilify those financial guys. But those guys reflect regular guys. Seven out of 10 regular guys invest. And those guys do the investing. And right now, they're not investing. Because fairly or not, you're not inspiring.

You say they're all about the almighty dollar. You're right, they are. Embrace it. Don't condemn it. It's called capitalism.

Because when companies make money, companies hire folks. And when companies do not make money, they fire folks. And investors dump their stock.

Wall Street monitors this stuff. And worries about this stuff. And if it really worries, Wall Street sells this stuff.

I know, maybe silly, selfish stuff to you. But companies' lifeblood to them. Because they use the money folks spend to buy their stock to buy stuff of their own. Things like plants and equipment, factories and yes, folks.

If markets are confident in them, they are confident in themselves. And they start looking to do more with themselves and their workers.

It's quite democratic in that regard, Mr. President. Karl Marx wouldn't like it. But he would like this: The good fortune they share when they're making a fortune.

Now, I'm not saying you're Karl Marx for bashing them. I am saying you're sounding like Karl Marx for refusing to say anything good about them. And in so doing, anything even remotely hopeful about us.

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