Where's the media on President Obama's firing of AmeriCorps Inspector General, Gerald Walpin?

It has not been once mentioned on the evening news programs, in The New York Times, in The Washington Post (though its Federal Eye blog did cover the story.)

It got two short mentions in The L.A. Times and Boston Globe. And one small mention in each of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Grand Rapid Press.

That's it.

Here's the one thing no one seems to understand: President Obama is still a community organizer, it's just on a much bigger scale with much higher stakes.


While the media have looked to compare him to presidents like FDR and Lincoln, the best comparison might be to left-wing community activist Saul Alinsky, often called the "Father of Community Organizers." If you know what Saul Alinsky was about, everything that Obama does will make more sense.

Alinsky started in Chicago stockyards in the 1930s and his "Rules for Radicals" became the handbook for community organizing — arguing in it that a socialist revolution didn't come through violence, but by slowly eroding principles of the republic at the polls.

Although Obama was just 11 years old when Alinsky died in 1972, he was inspired by Alinsky's disciples who taught him community organizing at age 23, right after he graduated from Columbia University.

During his time in Chicago, Obama built up and guided a small network of grassroots groups that "agitated" for things like better playgrounds and safer communities and Obama said in those neighborhoods that he "received the best education I ever had."

Young Obama passed on that education, training community organizers on Alinsky's "power tactics," which he seems to still operate under today.

For example, Alinsky's power tactic step 11: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it."

Doesn't that sound an awful lot like the way Obama handled the AIG executive bonuses? The banking executives? Rush Limbaugh? And the list goes on and on.

Obama perfected the tactics that so-called community organizers like ACORN use every day. It's the tactic of misdirection.

The community organizer mentality — the ACORN mentality — is to distract you from their main goal, so even though some people are looking at their voter registration fraud, we should follow the money, too.

While politicians talk about 46 million people without health care, what's their real agenda? And what's the effect on the 255 million with health care?

As we showed you Monday, the left knows the public insurance option will put employer-based, private insurance out of business and the government can bide its time, taking losses, until that finally happens.

So, while these community organizers appear to be agitating for one seemingly noble goal or another, their underlying mission is, as Alinsky said, "how the have-nots can take power from the haves."

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