I've tried to understand why President Obama seems so determined to push a government-run health care system that fewer and fewer Americans want instead of focusing on the loss of millions of jobs and the highest unemployment rate in a generation and mounting debt.

Why would he be touting a job-killing cap-and-tax energy plan when it will kill off many small businesses that are barely alive now? Why would he hesitate for months on a plan for Afghanistan when we have generals requesting troop enhancements and Americans risking their lives?

Why would he keep pushing to spend more of our tax dollars in stimulus schemes that have done little other than provide political favors for Democrats in Congress?

One of my longtime policy advisers and friends suggested a reason, and I think she's right. This administration in all honesty, is not focused on recovery, but redistribution. The main focus really is to "spread the wealth around." That's exactly what Barak Obama told Joe the Plumber, but we didn't realize the extent to which he wanted to go.

The health care proposals will redistribute health care from the elderly to young, but the young will be forced to pay more to take care of the elderly. The cap-and-tax programs will redistribute energy and energy dollars around arbitrarily. And our foreign policy will redistribute world power around so that our once strong and virtually invincible nation is about as potent as any one of the European countries.

The Republicans have an opportunity to contrast the difference between steps toward real recovery and steps toward redistribution. There is no recovery without jobs and there will be no jobs as long as the government keeps raising the cost of doing business due to government-run health insurance, high energy costs, and manipulation of the market forces through totally stupid smellers like so called stimulus bills and micro-managing private sector businesses.

If the president wants to redistribute something, I suggest that he redistribute the power of Washington. Read the Constitution and pay attention to the limits on the federal government's power and the priority of power being left with the states.

And one more thing: If President Obama brings Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York for trial and gives him lawyers and taxpayer-funded rights of a lawyer and innocence until proven guilty, then Khalid Sheikh Mohammed won't be the only one on trial. President Obama and his administration will be as well. He not only will own the verdict, he will own the process. And if that goes anyway other than the death penalty for that murderous terrorist, the American people will very likely do some redistribution of their own and give the White House and both houses of Congress back to the Republicans.

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