The president is now in London. He'll meet with more than 20 world leaders to talk about the worldwide recession and — we hope — worldwide terrorism.

Let's take the economy first. If we go down, they go down. If the USA cannot fix its economy, the rest of the world will suffer greatly because most countries don't have the wealth we have. Economic catastrophe for them would be a lot worse than for us.

So President Obama should politely ask for cooperation. He should lay out his vision for what's needed to stabilize the banking system worldwide. On the economy, the president needs to be a persuader right now and he's good at that. But he should also warn the world about terrorists and anarchists — they are growing in number and they are dangerous. If the world ignores that danger, it's just a matter of time before terror strikes and damages the worldwide economy.

Terror and economic chaos go hand in hand.

On the terror front, Iran and Pakistan continue to be the nations that are most helping the evil doers. Pakistan must, must begin cooperating with NATO to find and kill the Taliban and Al Qaeda that are living on its soil. President Obama should make this quite clear to the world. Pakistan is the key to defeating worldwide terror.

Iran continues to be dangerous. And countries like Russia, Japan and China, which provide resources to the vicious Iranian government, need to be called out. By the way, we made a mistake yesterday. Spain does trade with Iran, but it's not in the top tier. And we apologize for the research error.

Anyway, it is here that Barack Obama must get tougher. Every sane person knows if Iran gets nuclear weapons, the mullahs might well provide them to the jihadists. So do the math.

My question is simple: Why is any country helping Iran? The president is not off to a good start with his opinion that the phrase "the War on terror" should be kicked to the curb. Apparently, members of the Obama administration believe some nations find the War on Terror description to be offensive in some way. Why? The world should be fighting terrorists in a coordinated way. That's a war, is it not? Why are we playing these games? Who exactly is offended?

The world didn't like the Bush administration because the Bush administration had little patience with stuff like that. I understand. Diplomacy is good. Persuasion is good. But President Obama should realize that some people will never be persuaded to help the USA. There's an awful lot of hatred toward America in this world, most of it unjustified, even though many in the liberal press are never going to get that.

President Obama has a nice opportunity here to show the world he's smart and honest. But he must also demonstrate that he understands evil and will deal with it. Knocking out the War on Terror description was a mistake.

And that's The Memo.

Pinheads & Patriots

This morning on "Good Morning America," Robin Roberts and I kicked it around:


BILL O'REILLY: The government has a right and an obligation — all right — to set up standards of behavior if they take taxpayer money, right?


O'REILLY: You're agreeing with me. That means you'll be fired at ABC. That means your career is over. All right. Diane's laughing over there. She knows. That's why she didn't want to do the interview.


Ms. Roberts is a good sport, a cancer survivor and an all-around nice person, a patriot.

On the pinhead front, things are getting tense in Michigan. There were at least three fights recently involving autoworkers, some of them drunk, according to authorities. This kind of stuff, of course, is brutal and foolish.

We realize times are very tough. But violence doesn't help anything. Don't be a pinhead.

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