A man using a motorized parachute got caught in overhead power lines, stranding him for about eight hours until cranes rescued him early Thursday.

Michael Farrell, 52, appeared to be unhurt. He was taken to a hospital after his rescue, then was released.

Farrell was left hanging about 150 feet above ground outside Loveland, about 15 miles east of Cincinnati on Wednesday evening after his aircraft wrapped around two lines that do not transmit electricity.

The craft consists of a parachute attached to a metal frame with a seat inside and what looks like a large fan in the back.

Farrell's wife and son saw the accident and called for help.

Crews worked through the night with three cranes to free Farrell, who used walkie-talkies to speak with his family and officials.

"He said, 'It's cold and I'm frightened,"' said Steve Bailey, the Miami Township police chief.

One crane brought Farrell a blanket and heat packs, one stabilized the aircraft and one secured the parachute.

Duke Energy cut off electricity to live power lines below Farrell, which the pilot did not touch. No customers lost service, the company said.