Potential Mideast Bomber Wanted AIDS as Weapon

As Palestinian bombers explore sinister ways of killing Israelis, one man wanted to bring bio-terror to the Holy Land.

Rami Abdullah (search), a 24-year-old member of Yasser Arafat's Fatah (search) movement, feels violence is a means to an end.

"The goal is in the head of all the Palestinians: getting our rights ... getting our state," Abdullah told Fox News in an exclusive interview.

But unlike conventional bombs other terrorists have used to blow up buses or cafes, Abdullah's bomb -- had he finished making it -- would have been laced with HIV-tainted blood (search).

"After a period, it will kill a lot of people," he said.

At the time of his arrest last month, when another prisoner alerted authorities about his plans, Abdullah was looking around for an AIDS-infected donor.

"We were looking to use his blood only," he said, adding that somebody else would have actually carried out the attack.

Abdullah, a full-time engineering student, said he was surfing the Internet to learn how he could make a viable HIV-infected weapon.

The plan was to have the bomber blow himself up at a crowded place in Israel. The bomb would have been on a belt: on one side, easily made explosives; on the other, the tainted blood.

The contraption would be mixed with nails to ensure maximum physical damage. But medical experts said the nails would have done more damage than the blood because the AIDS virus would not have survived the intense heat of the blast.

Abdullah said he was trying to get around the heat problem by separating the blood from the bomb.

Now facing years behind bars, Abdullah remains intent on destruction, vowing that if the intifada is still going on when he's freed, he'll try once again to build a biological weapon.