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JOHN GIBSON, "BIG STORY" HOST: A shocker in the Madeleine McCann case: manslaughter. Little Madeleine's very own mother can now reportedly be charged in the death of the missing 4-year-old.

Kate McCann is in the spotlight tonight. The London Times is reporting that investigators in Portugal think they have enough evidence to charge her with murder by failing to prevent Madeleine's death. In the U.K., that is the same as manslaughter. She could also reportedly face charges of concealing Madeleine's body.

Both official suspects in the case, Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, are back at home in the U.K. waiting to hear from the Portuguese police, who say they're about to hand over the case to prosecutors.

With me now is Sarah Baxter with The Times of London and former LAPD homicide detective and FOX News contributor Mark Fuhrman.

Sarah, if I can ask you first, what is your reaction to this news among the McCanns' countrymen?

SARAH BAXTER, TIMES OF LONDON: Shock and disbelief, really. They were very critically of the McCanns originally for leaving Maddy unattended in their apartment, in their hotel room. But after that there was huge sympathy for the McCanns as being punished way too harshly for an oversight. The thought, though, that they themselves were responsible for their own daughter's death and then dumping her body somewhere, that justifies the least. That would put them in the annals of crime along with Jack the Ripper.

GIBSON: You know, Mark, I know from the beginning when we talked about this case, as a former police detective you said you've got to look at what the Portuguese have to suspect the mother. Is that enough?

MARK FUHRMAN, FORMER LAPD DETECTIVE: Well, John, I think it's not only enough, it's far more than a lot of these cases have. And they actually do take them to prosecutors. And they actually do take them to a jury, and they're convicted.

You see that the parents are posturing themselves in certain ways. And I'll tell you, John, when I heard that Kate McCann, when she is confronted by the police detectives, when they ask her or they tell her that they found blood in the bedroom, Madeleine's blood in the bedroom, not just blood, she doesn't refute it. She is in shock. She doesn't say it's impossible. She doesn't say where. She says, "Well she could have had a cut or a nosebleed."

Now what person on this planet wouldn't have known if her 4-year-old would have had a nosebleed or a cut? I mean, that, to me, corroborates the blood, and she can't say anything else. And she doesn't.

GIBSON: Sarah, the other piece of evidence that they're going on is apparently an allegation that they found blood in a rental car that the McCanns were using. You know, that's pretty strong evidence that something went on, isn't it?

BAXTER: Well...

GIBSON: It is because — hang on, Mark. Sarah, you first.

BAXTER: Yes, well, as far as I understand it, some of Maddy's DNA was found in the trunk of the rental car. This was 25 days after she'd disappeared, so it's slightly extraordinary on the face of it. It implies that the parents might have taken Madeleine's body from where it was originally dumped, placed it in the car, driven off, then dumped it somewhere else before flying off to see the pope.

But if there was DNA there, some people are saying that, well, perhaps, it's because it's similar to her siblings. It's similar to her parents. It's very fragmentary. Although there are new allegations, some sources that came in say it's a full DNA match with Maddy's blood. So we're going to wait and see about that. That would be very interesting and significant.

GIBSON: Mark, you know, the police in Portugal are really frustrated, and there is killing, terrorism and all of that. Isn't there at least a suspicion on your part that they may be looking for somebody easy to accuse since they haven't found somebody hard?

FUHRMAN: No, absolutely not, John. I think they have done something that I have had a lot of respect for. They conducted the investigation. They looked for outside possibilities of a kidnapping, because they had two parents that looked very credible and making statements that they were at dinner. So they went and they did what they were supposed to do.

They did the investigation in the room. They couldn't find anything outward, and this is very important, John. So they went and looked for suspects. They didn't see anything, any forced entry, anything like this. They didn't find any blood.

They go back and they look at this with sniffer dogs, basically cadaver dogs. They find blood. Now, this is the most important part, John. They don't see the blood. The dogs smell the blood. That means that somebody had to clean up the blood. Well, if it wasn't a maid, if it wasn't a 4-year-old child, then who was it? And if you don't have a parent that says they cleaned up any blood, you've got a problem.

GIBSON: Mark Fuhrman and Sarah Baxter, thanks to both of you.

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