Thursday, November 22 at 12pm and 3pm ET
Hosted by E.D. Donahey

You saw them in the first days following the attack on the World Trade Center.  The faces of the missing.  They were posted all over New York City, on phone booths, at hospitals, and they were broadcast on Fox News Channel.  And, you heard the pleas of their friends and family members as they searched for their loved ones.  In Fox News Channel's special, "Portraits of Lives Lost", the relatives of the "missing" tell about the lives lost and dreams unfullfilled. 

Stories include that of Emeric Harvey.  A Wall Street broker, Harvey and five friends/colleagues were having their weekly breakfast meeting at Windows on the World when the planes struck.  His daughter Antoinette tells about her father, his career and the most important thing in his life... his family.

Roko Camaj was a window washer at WTC and was featured on FNC's "212" show last year.  To wash the windows that the automated rig could not handle, Roko worked from a platform 110 stories up in the air.  On "Portraits of Lives Lost", his son Vincent tells about Roko's love of life and the last phone call his father made.

Timothy Haskel was one of New York City's bravest.  A fireman with Squad 18, he responded to HazMat events, building collapses, and terrorists threats.  Tim followed in his father's footsteps as a fireman and so did two of Tim's brothers.  Tim and his brother Tom Haskel both died.  Their other brother, Kenny Haskel, is a member of the search and rescue team that found few alive after the buildings collapsed.  Tim lived an extraordinary life filled with pets (2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 birds, and 2 prairie dogs), outdoor adventure, and the love of his life, his companion Gabriele. 

Plus the story of Abe Zelmanowitz and his best friend Ed Beyea.  Ed was a quadrapelegic and Abe was his best friend.  Abe could have escaped but wouldn't leave his friend.  They both died in the collapse along with the fireman who was helping Abe get Ed down the stairwell.