David Beckham has always professed to be a pretty private person, but when Armani sought him out to star in its latest underwear campaign, the soccer sensation couldn’t resist. So how does wife Victoria really feel about her hubby baring his bod to the world?

“She is totally fine with it — we laughed. It’s a great campaign and I’m very honored to be part of it,” David told Pop Tarts, adding that modeling isn’t his priority and he's far more interested in doing what he does best — playing soccer.

The Beckhams caused chaos a year ago when they crossed the pond to call Hollywood home, and it looks as though the British-born family is here to stay.

“We love England -- it is where we are both from and our families are from, but we’re very happy here and things are going so well,” David said. “We’re enjoying it and everyone has been so great to us. We are really happy here.”

But as we were busy chatting with the L.A. Galaxy guru, he had his (somewhat unimpressed) bodyguard watch his bawling 3-year-old son, Cruz. We were strictly instructed not to shoot the baby Beckham and have been told that David is “ultra-paranoid” about exposing his youngsters to the big, bad world of cameras and action.

Speaking of action, it seems the big spat between Victoria Beckham and L.A.'s trendy Kitson boutique earlier this year (over the poor sales of her line dVb denim) is still stirring and UK Glamour is the latest to feel the effects. The peeps at the West Hollywood clothing store are peeved and threatening legal action against the glossy mag after it ran an article that said Posh's line sold out in two hours.

“It’s not true and we want a retraction,” a rep told Pop Tarts. “We have so much of her unsold stock we can’t even give it away.”

Wonder Woman: Dita Launches Naughty Lingerie Line

Ever wonder what Dita Von Teese uses to look so smashing in next to nothing? The burlesque beauty is launching her own lingerie line in conjunction with underwear giant Wonderbra and sharing those very intimate secrets.

Photo Essay: Dita Models Her New Wonderbra Line

In addition to bust-boosting bras and garters glamorized with an Old Hollywood look, Teese also gets quite teasing with the addition of magnetic straps (when you pull them the panty quickly comes apart).

“It’s not about seducing men,” she said in a statement. “It’s about embracing womanhood.”

Amber Heard and Seth Rogan Support Legalization of Marijuana

The stars of stoner flick “Pineapple Express” are supporting the legalization of marijuana across the United States.

“My thoughts on that are pretty liberal,” Amber Heard told Pop Tarts at the film’s recent Los Angeles premiere. “I don’t really understand why it’s not (already legal everywhere).”

Co-star Seth Rogan agreed, adding that it didn’t do the characters in the film any harm.

Interestingly, the theme of pot and pipes was enough to bring out a slew of Hollywood stars and starlets. Pop Tarts spotted everyone from Kayne West, Emile Hirsch, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy to Jon Voight, Alicia Silverstone, Amanda Peet and Adrianne Curry cruising on into the cinema.

Heidi & Spencer to Wed on TV: Could It Get Any More Ridiculous?

Once upon a time, the relationship between Heidi and Spencer was cheesy and cute, but has it now crossed the line into plain pathetic?

Montag told “Extra” on Monday that she plans to marry beau Spencer Pratt on live television just as soon as she gets “that big ring."

And despite being known as L.C.’s evil enemy on the MTV reality show “The Hills," an insider told Tarts that Heidi has been hoping to patch things up with her former friend for quite some time now.

“She wants to say she’s sorry for everything, but that probably wouldn’t work when it comes to the dynamics of the show,” said our source.

But would Lauren be willing to accept?

“Not a chance,” Conrad told Pop Tarts at a recent Hollywood event. “Heidi and Audrina are still cool, but not for me.” Ouch.

Minka Kelly & Derek Jeter: Love Over a Latte?

Everyone has been wondering for a little while now what's going on between “Friday Night Lights” starlet Minka Kelly and New York Yankee Derek Jeter — and it seems to stem beyond just being buddies.

A Pop Tarts spy spotted the two in an Austin Starbucks last week, sitting quietly together and attempting to keep a low profile. The Texan city is where Kelly films her show, and we’re told Jeter made the interstate trip to visit his lady friend...

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