Pop Tarts: Was Angelina Ugly? Dustin Hoffman Remembers Meeting Jolie

Angelina Jolie is considered one of the all-time sexiest stars to have graced the big screen, but Dustin Hoffman still remembers her as an awkward, not-so-stunning teen who accompanied her father, Jon Voight, to the set of "Hook" back in 1991.

"I meet this slender, awkward, shy girl with a mouth full of braces and I ask what she wants to be," recalled Hoffman, her co-star in the upcoming animation flick "Kung Fu Panda." "She says 'I am going to be an actress' with this laser-like intensity, and we talked about it."

But despite that Angie's life is constantly under a microscope, given the intense media interest, Hoffman believes we still don’t know the real Miss Jolie — and perhaps she isn’t as intriguing as we had thought.

"It’s so interesting now, what the media creates is not the person she is," Hoffman said at the recent "Kung Fu Panda" premiere. "She is just a pregnant lady who is nice."

But when it comes to women, Hoffman doesn't seem to go for the nice types.

"I’m a wuss. For some reason, I've always been attracted to women who could theoretically beat the s—t out of me," the married star told Pop Tarts. "I like women in sports that are better than me; I like women who are smarter than me. I don't know why any man would not. Why not? They can help you. They can help us."

Victoria Beckham's Fashion Feast

Her dVb line apparently is not doing so well in stores, but Victoria Beckham still is backed by the fashion elite.

The former Spice Girl spent Thursday night at New York City's STK with Marc Jacobs, nibbling away at steamed vegetables and salad along with a (very fitting) Snow Queen Cosmo.

According to an eyewitness, the stylish stars were engaged in an intimate conversation about fashion, kids and, most importantly, the success of her hubby, David Beckham, in soccer. At one point they even high-fived (yes, it's mind-blowing that Mrs. Becks showed some emotion.)

Lindsay Under Cover

It seems to have been a struggle, but Lindsay Lohan finally has been given the go-ahead to get back on a film set.

The 21-year-old was apparently almost fired from pretending to be a pregnant person for the upcoming "Labor Pains" as insurance companies reportedly refused to cover the reformed rehabber.

According to the New York Daily News, producers were finally able to find a company brave enough to back Lohan, and she has since made an admirable impression on her colleagues with her work ethic.

Kit to Cat: Is Britney Spears Finally Ready to Grow Up?

We can't guarantee that Britney Spears will put an end to her bizarre behavior once and for all and embrace adult responsibilities, but the songstress apparently has shot a cameo appearance in a promo music video for The Pussycat Dolls entitled "When I Grow Up."

According to Us Weekly, Spears didn't sing, nor did she dance. Hmmm, so what did she do? What she is also very well-known for, of course: drove a car. Watch out!

Serena Still Celebrating Her Loss; Selita and Kanye Make Out?

Serena Williams surprisingly was eliminated in the third round of the French Tennis Open late last week, but the tennis sensation has been making the most of her time off hitting up New York hotspots.

Williams was spotted schmoozing away in the VIP section of Tenjune nightclub in the wee hours of Sunday morning alongside Kanye West and supermodel Selita Ebanks. According to an eyewitness, Serena got her groove on for hours while barefoot on the banquet seat.

But before the threesome hit the hotspot, they all dined at STK in the main dining room. Later on, Kanye and Selita are said to have moved on to the private dining room, where they were spotted amid a makeout session, the witness said.

A rep for Selita, however, told Pop Tarts there is nothing going on between the two and that Selita's father also was with the group and the model and the musician did not leave together.

But back to Williams, she reportedly was out again with a different crew in the early hours of Wednesday for another barefoot workout at Tenjune, this time getting down and dirty dancing with rapper Common after making an entrance at 2:20 a.m. Hey, at least she's keeping in pro-athlete shape despite the setback.

Leona Lewis: Little Miss Perfect?

In an industry saturated with badly behaved young superstars, "Pop Idol" princess Leona Lewis is a refreshing change.

The British babe may be Clive Davis' latest prodigy and have a hit on the U.S. airwaves with "Bleeding Love," but it seems this singer is anything but controversial.

"I don't wear little miniskirts and low-cut tops. If you want to show your bits off, it's up to you," Lewis told the upcoming June edition of Blender magazine, which will be released on June 10.

But that's not all — this 21-year-old also revealed she doesn't eat any animal-related products or drink, smoke or do drugs, refuses to wear leather and doesn't even like going out. So what's her idea of a wild night?

"Playing 'Grand Theft Auto.'"

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