Despite denials from manager Larry Rudolph that Britney Spears will be "performing" at the Video Music Awards this weekend, whispers are that she is still making an appearance as a presenter in the highly anticipated awards show.

We're told that everyone from the production crew to wardrobe are preparing for the pop princess to make a comeback, although nobody from MTV would officially confirm.

What’s interesting is that an inside source said Britney has her own dressing room. Either the gal is getting super-special treatment or she will do a little more than simply hand out an award.

The pop princess has also RSVP’d for 944 Magazine’s MTV VMA pre-party to be held at Hollywood hotspot Kress on Wednesday. So if Miss Spears does show that will mark her first officially scheduled party appearance since she launched Las Vegas club LAX exactly one year ago.

Tarts has also been told that Christina Aguilera will be showing off her four-octave range at the VMAs and there is the possibility of a performance by the Queen of Pop, Madonna. So will this year's MTV showdown be deja vu? In 2003, Aguilera, Spears and Madonna made headlines with a three-way routine that included a steamy girl-on-girl kiss.

Insiders also told Tarts that joining Aguilera in the performance lineup are Pink, Kid Rock, Kayne West, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers, T.I. and Paramour.

Eva Longoria’s Vegas Night Sparks More Pregnancy Rumors

Eva Longoria spent her Friday night at Sin City hotspot PURE, but she was with a man that wasn’t husband Tony Parker. We’re told the "Desperate Housewife" entered the bash with Wilder Valderrama and a pack of pals who all joined the Hilton sisters on the VIP stage.

Valderrama toasted to the long weekend with shots of Patron Platinum tequila — although Eva apparently stayed well away from any adult substances. We’re told the actress insisted on only sipping bottled water throughout the evening and was careful not go in any areas that were too crowded.

Earlier in the night Longoria attended the grand opening celebration for Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant & Bar at the Bellagio where she joined the likes of the Hilton sisters, Leonardo DiCaprio as well as Charlie and Brooke Sheen. Again we are told that Longoria insisted on water and would only eat edamame — refusing sushi or anything raw. Hmmm. ...

Pregnancy rumors have been buzzing around Longoria for a little while given that she’s been wearing baggy clothes and sporting a (very small) belly, although reports that she’s expecting have been repetitively denied by her rep.

Natalie Portman Gets Committed

Natalie Portman is much more than just a (very talented) Hollywood hottie; she’s a humanitarian hottie too.

The beauty boated into Italy’s Venice Film Festival over the weekend to make her directorial debut with the short film "Eve" and was also awarded the festival’s "Humanity Award" for her social commitment and dedication to causes such as the Jane Goodall Institute's Lake Tanganyika Catchment Reforestation and Education girls' scholarship program as the Ambassador of Hope for FINCA International.

Click here for a photo.

Kim Kardashian's Foot Makes a Fast Recovery

Just a few days after being rushed to hospital after cutting her foot, "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Kim Kardashian was sporting super high heels at the BlackBerry Curve launch party at Intermix in Los Angeles on Thursday.

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The reality starlet was walking around without a hitch playing with her brand-new free phone. Hmmm, we think Kimmy K must have quite the cell-phone bill, or should we say bills? In recent times, she's attended VIP parties for (and most probably managed to score for herself)BlackBerry Curve, Sidekick LX, Sidekick iD, Sidekick 3, Samsung BlackJack and Helio Drift. Phew, the life of a celeb!

Kim and sis Khloe spent their Labor Day weekend at Las Vegas club Prive where Kimmy K reportedly treated her fans to a sample of her ever-improving dancing skills until 3 a.m. Tarts has also been told that recent DUI convictee Khloe refused to be photographed with any alcohol, although that apparently didn't stop her from enjoying some booze.

"I'm not going to stop drinking," Khloe told us just following her quick stint in the slammer. "But I'm obviously going to find another way to get home. That was a big lesson to learn."

Kayne West Spends $15G on Sunglasses

When it comes to the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous, forking out about $15,000 for shades is probably not even a slight blip in the bank account.

An inside source told Tarts that hip-hop star Kayne West recently had 50 (yes 50) Carrera glasses shipped in pronto from the U.K. because he couldn't wait for them to hit the stores in the U.S. He footed the estimated $15,000 bill without even asking for a discount.

Sounds extreme but I guess when you're wearing shades inside and out pretty much 24/7 it's a small price to pay. ...