Pop Tarts: Vanessa Minnillo Ignores Fans; Reggie Bush Hangs With Kim's Sister

Former MTV host Vanessa Minnillo looked every inch the sexy starlet in tight jeans on Saturday night, but Nick Lachey's gal pal won few fans, thanks to her not-so-friendly behavior.

Minnillo hung at a private table at Hennessy/944’s surprise 29th birthday bash for NBA star Baron Davis held at West Hollywood’s Stone Rose, but refused to pose for pics, talk to press and apparently "all people she didn’t know."

"I couldn’t believe how she was acting," another partygoer told Tarts. "She definitely didn’t strike me as the friendly type, and at one point a few fans went to say 'hi' but were ignored."

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But Ness was out on the town without Lachey, and certainly making the most of the free Hennessy cocktails, sparking speculation that the two may be in a tiff.

"Vanessa wasn’t acting her normal social self," an inside source said. "Those two are normally inseparable, but Vanessa seemed like she just needed a night away."

Tarts also spotted (a very pregnant) Jessica Alba hidden in the back corner looking a little down as she stayed planted on the couch all night, covered by her cardigan and lots of Lia Sophia jewelry. She, too, was in no mood for snaps or small talk.

Her beau, Cash Warren, took a brief break from canoodling with his fiancee to toast to his best bud, Baron, and give a shout-out to his "Honey." Baron then swept in on Alba and gave her belly a rub. Awww.

But when your girlfriend is away, who are you supposed to take as your date? Her sister, of course.

Reggie Bush boogied the night away with Khloe Kardashian, but even though the two got friendly sipping and schmoozing, we doubt Kim Kardashian has anything to be concerned about.

Tarts chatted with the NFL sensation just two nights prior at the Details magazine soiree, and judging by his lovestruck expression and doting behavior, we’re positive there is still plenty of passion in that relationship…

Nick Cannon and Michael Jordan Dominate a 'Women’s' Event

Oakley threw its 2nd Annual Women’s Event in the Florida Room in South Beach on Tuesday night, but while the beachside bash was in honor of Oakley’s new spring/summer line for ladies, it seems a certain couple of males stole the spotlight.

Pop Tarts has been told that Michael Jordan arrived with a lovely lady on each arm, but the threesome spent the night in a back-corner booth.

"It was almost like a trophy set-up," our spy said. "Everybody kept coming up and talking to Jordan, but his two 'dates' sat pretty beside him but without any affection or even interaction. It was odd."

But Jordan wasn’t the only man making waves with the women at the party — apparently, Nick Cannon was getting "very, very friendly" with a legion of lasses.

"Gorgeous girls were coming up to him every two minutes to introduce themselves and flirt like crazy," our spy added. "But there was one girl in particular he chatted to for an extra long time and seemed to take a shine to, a cute brunette that stayed talking for a long time." Stay tuned...

Joke's on Bonds

Barry Bonds is the butt of a joke in the upcoming “Superhero Movie."

A scene in the film features a character playing Bonds stuffing his mouth with a banned substance in the locker room prior to a game.

According to actress Marion Ross, who appears in the film, the movie's makers are ready for a legal letter not only from the baseball pro, but also from a number of other high-profile peeps.

“Look at all the famous people we made fun of,” Ross told Tarts. “We’re going to get sued by Barry Bonds, the Dalai Lama, the pope and Tom Cruise. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Daughtry’s Fight Against AIDS

Former "American Idol" finalist Chris Daughtry and his bandmates are the latest celebs to use their stardom for a good cause. Tarts has been told that the rockers will perform a live acoustic set at The Beatles' REVOLUTION Lounge at The Mirage on April 13, churning out hits from their own self-titled album as well as covers from iconic rock groups.

But the boys won’t be using the profits from the intimate performance (only 200 tickets are up for grabs) to boost their own bank balances. All proceeds from the ticket sales will go to the ONE campaign to combat global AIDS and extreme poverty.

Fans 21 and over can surf over to eBay and place a bid for tickets ... and Daughtry assures us it will be worth the online war.

"This performance is not only to support the ONE campaign, but also to give Daughtry’s network of loyal and devoted fans a private, acoustic concert they can experience live at The Beatles REVOLUTION lounge and watch on Rhapsody.com," Chris told us via a rep from Giving Works for Auction Cause.

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