Let's face it, "The Hills" hotties are the Hollywood "it" girls. Every promoter wants them at their parties, and every designer wants them to wear their stuff.

But it seems Heidi Montag, known for her cheesy love affair with Spencer Pratt, is not included in this exclusive group.

One of Los Angeles’ leading fashion reps (who is often responsible for dressing the likes of Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Fergie and Carmen Electra) told Pop Tarts that Heidi’s public persona is a little too cheap even for casual (but classy) brands.

"They don’t want their stuff on Heidi, even despite the fact that she is very media-friendly and is photographed a lot," the rep said. "It’s just not the caliber of celebrity most clients go for."

Meanwhile, thousands of dollars worth of goodies are sent to Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad on a regular basis.

"The fashion houses really want those girls wearing their product," the publicist said. "They’re photographed a lot and are known just for being cool Hollywood girls."

On the note of Montag’s not-so-spectacular taste, she’s just come out with yet another, er, song entitled "Overdosin.'" But the only thing this girl is overdosin' on is 1980s leotards, slow-motion dancing and some oohs and ahhs.

Click to watch.

That said, when it comes to Lauren Conrad’s clothing collection vs. rival Montag’s, the latter seems to be winning the race. L.C.’s line recently got booted from trendy boutique Kitson while Montag’s "Heidiwood" has totally sold out and even the re-order is selling out fast.

Heidi’s recent in-store appearance attracted almost 400 screaming fans whereas we’re told L.C.’s Bloomingdale's visit brought in about 200.

Although the high-profile department store is standing by the reality starlet for the time being, we doubt they're pleased about People magazine's latest StyleWatch section. Conrad encourages readers to go to her Web site to purchase the clothes rather than promoting the retailers that have supported her and stocked her collection.

Jessica Biel: A SexyBun in the Oven? Jacko in PJs

Every time a Hollywood hottie steps out with anything more than a concave stomach, the pregnancy rumor mill starts churning.

Jessica Biel was snapped leaving a Los Angeles Whole Foods on Wednesday with a belly bulge, and in due course tongues were wagging as to whether she and beau Justin Timberlake are expecting a little loved one. ...

Click for a pic.

Biel's rep did not respond for comment.

On the note of interesting photos, Michael Jackson was caught at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood on Thursday with a lovely tuxedo covering his top half … and what looked like pajama pants on the bottom.

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PETA Defends 'Go Naked' Sophie Monk's KFC Feast

Last year, actress Sophie Monk posed nude on a bed of peppers in a PETA campaign to encourage us all to "Spice Up Our Lives" and "Go Vegetarian" — a diet she reportedly has been following since her teen days. So how come the animal rights activist was snapped earlier this week carrying a bag from KFC?

Click for a pic.

A PETA rep came to Sophie's defense, telling Pop Tarts: "They do have mashed potatoes and biscuits. So in a pinch a very hungry vegetarian can get vegetarian food there, which is what we assume Sophie was doing."

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