Victoria Beckham must not have been partied out enough after her string of 34th birthday celebrations late last week, because she kept the festivities rolling for another 24-hour soiree.

Pop Tarts has been told exclusively that Posh and her hubby, David Beckham, boarded Tom Cruise's Gulfstream private jet at Burbank Airport on Tuesday night (so we assume that Vic and Katie Holmes are still friends and Katie and Tom are still together) for an overnight jaunt to Napa Valley with the star-studded couple.

Also joining the Cruises and Beckhams: Kate Beckinsale and husband, Len Wiseman, as well as Heidi Klum and Seal.

Who knew they were hooked up with the Cruise clan? Apparently, the Victoria's Secret "Angel" and her British husband have been spending a lot more time mixing in that elite little group. Naturally, "new couples" associated with Tom and Katie always make us wonder if there is some Scientology talk going on — but we’re told that’s not the case.

"Heidi attended Victoria's birthday party in Santa Monica on Sunday and they often share their mothering and fashion stories," another insider said. "Heidi is adorable — the whole group just loves her — but as far as I know, Tom hasn’t even brought [Scientology] up."

We’re told Klum and Seal arrived at the airport inconspicuously in a black Ferrari and were very chatty with the "super friendly" Cruise, while the Beckham brigade barely said a word.

The famous couples touched down in Los Angeles in the early hours of Thursday morning.

"They were going to come home earlier but were having such a nice time they decided to stay a little longer," our insider added.

We're told the reason for the overnight L.A. escape was just to "have fun."

Kanye West's After-Party Stank

Hollywood hotspot GOA was the host of Kanye West's Official After-Party on Tuesday night; however, the Indian-inspired venue smelled much more "earthy" than usual.

Both the inside and outside were saturated with a super-strong smell of a certain substance grown from the ground, with numerous party peeps commenting that they felt "high" just from walking in.

Meanwhile, rising party personality Kristin Cavallari was enjoying the free Absolut 100 vodkas as she charged into the ladies room with such energy she sent two women waiting in line flying.

But the gals forgave the "Laguna Beach" alum pretty quickly (perhaps it was because she's, like, famous?) The instant new trio of "best friends" proceeded to shriek and scream in the bathroom until they were asked to leave by the bathroom attendant.

One thing about Kanye, however, is he definitely knows how to pull a crowd, even if it isn’t quite A-list for the most part. Also caught sipping and swaying were Paris Hilton and beau, Benji Madden; Lauren Conrad; Brody Jenner; Kim Kardashian; "Idol" reject Michael Johns; and a wedding ring-free Jay-Z.

Mama Spears 'Disappointed' With Her Daughter

Lynne Spears (finally) has expressed her "disappointment" that her 16-year-old baby girl, Jamie Lynn, is well on her way to popping out a baby of her own.

"I’m a bit disappointed that my youngest daughter got pregnant at such an early age. All I can do is turn to God for answers and just leave it in his hands," Lynne told Life & Style on Sunday.

But despite her daughter’s youth, Spears still believes that Jamie Lynn will make a marvelous mama.

"Jamie Lynn will be a wonderful mother," she said. "She really has a way with children — she’s a natural nurturer. I just wish she had waited a bit."

Whitney Still Queen of the Night; Electra Goes Green

A reformed-looking Whitney Houston hit up Planet Hollywood’s Prive in Sin City over the weekend. The crooner reportedly cruised in around 3 a.m. Sunday with a devoted entourage, but we’re told her attention was dedicated to rapper Ray J (yes, the one famous for starring in that naughty tape with Kim Kardashian).

Houston and Ray J enjoyed champagne, but once our Whit had had enough, she made her entire posse leave and escort her back to her room. The group (sans Houston) soon returned to do their thang ‘til daylight.

Carmen Electra also electrified the city of sins to celebrate her 36th birthday, kicking off the good times as the party host at PURE on Friday.

Donning a gorgeous green dress (for Earth Day, perhaps?) the former "Baywatch" babe got down and dirty on the VIP dance floor with her rocker-lover, Rob Patterson. Must have been pretty fun because our club spies spotted her strutting in again on Saturday.

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